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Why the CMO Role is Coming Back from the Brink

Before the pandemic, the CMO role was moving closer to extinction. Today, it’s a very different situation. That’s according to Janice Caston, senior vice president for marketing at Toluna, and guest author on a recent Marketing Dive article.

Thumbs up hand 157251 1280A series of recent hires across various industries show the CMO role is making a comeback. How did this happen?

“In just 18 short months, everything we knew about consumers has changed; from the way consumers spend and save their money, to what kinds of products they want to buy, and how and where they prefer to shop. It's changed how people feel about their jobs, how secure they feel about their finances, how and where they consume media and social media, and what they do in their free time. Businesses are dealing with a very different consumer in 2021 than they were in 2019.”

Many organizations recognized the CMO was needed to help understand this change and lead efforts to connect with consumers amid this massive shift. But the CMO role changed and is now a key link between multiple parts of a company.

“The CMO is now a direct influence on business growth and a critical driver of transformation,” according to the article. “The CMO of today must be agile enough to capitalize on the strategies that will align their brand values and communicate these values with today's consumer, while also being prepared to change direction at any time. The world has changed and businesses must realize that they are working through what is essentially a live event, changing and adjusting on the go.”

Read the full article from Marketing Dive.

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